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Here are the top five reasons you can benefit from being part of our MasterClass program...

  • MasterClass at Murdoch University gives you the chance to complete a postgraduate qualification during the normal course of your undergraduate studies.
  • The program offers a powerful combination of business management skills in areas such as marketing, accounting, organisational behaviour and leadership. These are all important skills to combine with (and enhance!) your chosen area of study.
  • We aim for our MasterClass students to be the leaders of the future and enjoy special networking and career development events, with exclusive speakers forum membership.
  • MasterClass offers centred, problem-based learning in small classes with pre-selected academics and other highly intelligent, creative and motivated students.
  • It's a competitive job market out there - MasterClass students get the combination of skills, knowledge, independent thinking and social confidence that many major employers are looking for!

What's in it for employers?

Have you given much thought to pursuing the career of your dreams after you've completed your studies? Here's how employers and sponsors can benefit from the skills gained by MasterClass students...

  • The MasterClass program provides graduates from all disciplines with technical knowledge, business skills, effective teamwork and interpersonal skills.
  • Employers like to interview candidates who can show they have a good work/life balance. Of approximately 50 MasterClass students currently at Murdoch, most of them are also high achievers in their creative, musical, cultural, community service, or sporting interests outside their studies.
  • Networking and speakers events throughout the year give sponsors the opportunity to present to the MasterClass, or even pre-select students from specific disciplines for internships and employment schemes through targeted scholarships.

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