The Policy and Procedure Manager (PPM) provides a 'one source of truth' in respect of official Murdoch University policy documents, ensuring a consistent approach is taken to policy content and format, and ensuring that policies have an allocated review cycle.

Please note:

  • PPM operates best using Internet Explorer v7 upwards.
  • If you click on any link to a PPM policy while logged onto a Murdoch computer with your Murdoch Username and Murdoch Password, then you should be able to read the document WITHOUT re-entering your credentials.
  • If you are not logged onto a Murdoch computer, then you will be prompted to enter your Murdoch Username and Murdoch Password.
  • To conduct a search for a policy, procedure, guideline or form within the PPM the following methods can be used:
    • Name of document using the alphabet tabs at the top of the screen;
    • In the case of Finance documents these can be searched by name or number;
    • Search via the search box on the top right hand corner of the screen;
    • Click in the search box and add the name and or number of the document - this will also show two drop down boxes - these should be set as:
      • In - 'all of the above' and;
      • By - 'all documents approved'.
  • An attachment to a document will be indicated by the 'paperclip' symbol at the top of the page when the policy, procedure or guideline is opened.
  • There are only a small number of policies that are treated as secure, and most policies can be viewed on the publically accessible PPM.