Learning and Teaching

Our staff

Supporting passion and commitment

Our staffFrom the beginning of the Conversation, we have seen the passion and commitment of our academic and professional colleagues.

This passion is not an unfocused interest but rather it is characteristic of an institution defined by its excellent teaching quality, innovation, drive and resilience.

We will be a world leading university in learning and teaching innovation by 2020

It is the community that creates its environment and quality, not management or technology. We are therefore committed to providing as much support as possible for learning and teaching staff through:

  • improved academic staff induction resources and processes
  • improved opportunities and modes of academic development (including opportunities for sessional and fixed term contract staff)
  • better centralised learning, assessment and curricular design support
  • establishing cross disciplinary communities of practice
  • providing opportunities for peer mentoring and peer review of teaching
  • improvements to academic planning
  • development of a simplified consolidated set of learning and teaching policies and guidelines
  • incentivising innovative pedagogic practice
  • recognition of learning and teaching excellence and
  • targeted support for progression in Teaching Scholar and Professional/Clinical Scholar tracks.

Support personalised academic development opportunities for all our staff

By supporting innovative practices, developing capacity for blended delivery, providing good curriculum design and timely, well considered support for the use of educational technology, our staff can create experiences that inspire learning.

Place innovation in learning and teaching at the heart of what we do

Activity-led, authentic and real world learning approaches are already used widely at Murdoch. We will support and promote these learning approaches across the University through targeted engagement activities, community building, master classes and workshops.

We will review our learning and teaching policies bringing them into one single and easy to read set of policies, guidelines and procedures to ensure that our staff fully understand them. To support this we will offer an academic induction process that prepares our staff for our culture, ethos and academic integrity requirements. Supplementary online modules and one-to-one training sessions will also be provided for our staff.

Provide recognition and clear academic promotion paths for all our teaching staff

Recognising excellence in learning and teaching is one part of the approach we will take, but finding better ways to share that capability with the widest range of practitioners across the University will allow us to learn more from one another. Finding ways to close the gap between leading edge thinking in learning and teaching and informing and changing practices will be a challenge with significant benefits for student engagement.