Learning and Teaching

Professor Duane Varan - Seminar - "Capitalising on the Changing Media Landscape"

Tuesday 15th September 5:30pm – 7:00pm
Venue: Nexus Theatre, Murdoch University 


The seminar will be held on Tuesday 15th September at the Nexus Theatre in Murdoch University’s South Street campus between 5.30-7:00pm including drinks and canapés. The seminar is part of the Business After Hours series being supported by the Office of the Pro Vice Chancellor for Learning and Teaching. For more details about events see: http://www.murdoch.edu.au/Learning-and-Teaching/Events/.

For the past 18 years, Professor Varan’s research at Murdoch University has helped advertising brands and television networks worldwide navigate their ways through the changing media landscape and position Murdoch as a global authority in advertising and media research. His research has pioneered new methods for analysing audience behaviour incorporating biometrics, neuro-imaging, facial coding, eye tracking, implicit association testing and many other new advanced techniques. In this presentation, Professor Varan will share key insights discovered throughout this research, highlighting new opportunities to capitalise on the changing media landscape.

Prof Duane Varan has conducted research at Murdoch University for over 18 years where he has served as director of the Interactive Television Research Institute. Across his career, he has attracted over $12 million in research funding and has published in leading peer-reviewed journals. Prof Varan is also a former recipient of the Prime Minister’s Award for University Teacher of the Year. Prof Varan is a leader in applied research, having served as Chief Research Officer for the Disney Media & Advertising Lab and counting over 30 Fortune 500 companies as sponsors of his research. He will be retiring from academic life this month to pursue exciting new opportunities as CEO of MediaScience, facilitator of lab-based research for leading US television networks including ESPN.

The event will be of interest to those in marketing, media and PR fields and open to all.


Duane Varan - Media & Advertisement Talk 15-09-15 from Murdoch University on Vimeo.