Student Support

Student Support Coordinator

The Student Support Coordinator provides academic and social, emotional and cultural support to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at Murdoch University who wish to access tutorial assistance, course advice, help with career development or just someone to chat to about issues that may affect their studies.

Contact our Kulbardi Student Support Coordinator, Rosey Feehon today!

Room 2.051, Amenities Building 490
Phone: (08) 9360 6649
Fax: (08) 9360 6493

Thinking about Postgraduate studies?

Kulbardi offers our postgraduate students support throughout the duration of their studies. Our Academic Development Coordinator, Dr. Karin Strehlow, is here to help guide you through your postgraduate learning. Make an appointment to see her today!

Room 2.042, Amenities Building 490
Phone: (08) 9360 12
Fax: (08) 9360 6493

The Guild

The Guild of Students is an autonomous organisation that provides a voice for all students on campus. Ashleigh Lindsay , your Indigenous Representative for 2016, provides advocacy for Indigenous students in their dealings with the University.

Murdoch Indigenous Collective

This is a student run collective made up of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students at Murdoch University which aims to:

  • Present the views of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to Murdoch University academic staff, faculties and general campus
  • Act as a student group with the consensus of a majority of the directors, to make statements and take action on behalf of a relevant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cause
  • Do all such things as would appear necessary for the benefit or advancement of the corporations members
  • Support any relevant stand by an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tertiary student in instances of discrimination (gender, racial or sexual) or maltreatment by a lecturer

Financial & Career Support

The Kulbardi Aboriginal Centre doesn't want money problems to be the barrier to you starting or completing your studies. We also aim to help students find real employment during their studies and after they graduate.

Speak to our Student Support Coordinator about scholarships, internships, the Careers and Employment Centre or what Graduate Opportunities are available.

Other Support

Murdoch University also offers other services and support while you are undertaking your studies: