K-Track Course Structure

K-Track Unit Outline

KAC001 - Big Ideas

In ‘Big Ideas’, students will learn to effectively and critically engage with challenging and, at times, controversial ideas. With the aim to develop crucial university skills, students will explore, in a critical way, a range of interesting and current topics.

KAC002 - Your Writing Tool-Kit

This unit introduces students to the foundations of academic writing. Students will have the opportunity to develop their existing writing skills, so that they are able to organise and structure their ideas, as well as gain an appreciation for the essay writing process.

KAC003 - Understanding Your World

‘Understanding Your World’ aims to help students develop basic scientific literacy and numeracy skills. Through hands-on laboratory and field work, students are taught to think carefully, logically and attentively about the functioning of the natural and physical worlds around them. In doing so, students will gain a greater sense of confidence when it comes to discussing serious, contemporary real-world issues.

KAC004 - iHealth

This unit focuses on careers in health and wellbeing. It introduces students to a range of practical and hands-on experiences in preparation for entry into the health professions (i.e. nursing, psychology, counselling, social work and exercise science).

General Information

Study Modes

Full Time: Monday - Thursday classes for 1 semester (14 weeks)

Part Time: Monday/Tuesday class for 1 semester, followed by Wednesday/Thursday classes in 2nd semester (28 weeks)

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