At Kulbardi we believe education is freedom.

Our goal is to equip our youth with the knowledge to turn their passion into a successful career.


Book our Aspirations Workshop here.

Workshop: Our Engagement and Communications Team run a highly engaging and interactive 1 hour Aspirations Workshop which can be delivered either on campus at South Street or at your school.

This workshop focuses on each student's aspirations and overcoming any barriers they may face/being currently facing which may hinder their future success. We encourage students to align their career pathway with their passions and hobbies and spend the workshop creating a career plan outlining the necessary steps to turn that passion into a real career.

Outcomes: By the end of the workshop, we aim to have created a broad, individualised career plan with information on pathway options along with methods to overcome barriers. We discuss the importance of further training (whether that be through work, study, traineeships, apprenticeships etc.). We also provide information about alternative pathways into university, support provided by Kulbardi (such as accommodation, tutoring and scholarships) and course options for students who identify university as a career step.

Our workshop is suitable for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander secondary students (year 7 - 12) and not just those who are university bound. There are no fees associated and no minimum number of students.

School Visits

Our Engagement Team, Jordin and Shae will bring along all necessary equipment (paper, pens, information bags etc.).

What We Need From You: Access to a projector. Students will need access to a desk for the written activities.

Murdoch Campus Visits

We prefer that schools come onto campus if possible, in order to give the students a real taste of life at Murdoch. During your visit we will run the above Aspirations Workshop, along with a campus tour and student immersion experience of your choice.

Student Immersion Experiences:

- Veterinary Museum Tour (hands-on activity)
- Radio Studio Tour
- 'A Day In The Life Of...'
- Tour of Nursing/Exercise Science Facilities

We are happy to work with you to create an immersion experience tailored to your students' interest.

What We Need From You: Completion of the booking form.


Photo 1: Deadly Dreaming 2017

Photo 2: Deadly Dreaming 2016