School Engagement

Our School Relationships Officer Sharna Walley works with local schools to deliver four workshops to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. Each workshop builds on the previous one and fosters critical thinking, leadership and aspiration-building.

These workshops look at the following areas:

1. Breaking Barriers: This is a critical thinking workshop, breaking down stereotypes associated with Aboriginality and university, and provide students with opportunities to challenge stereotypes. 1 hour.
2. Rise Up: Is a leadership workshop, sharing stories of our history and providing students with opportunities to reflect on their own impact in their school, family and broader community. 1 hour.
3. Stressless: A well-being workshop, providing students with an opportunity to reflect on their worries and stress and exploring ways we can take care of ourselves and stay happy while studying. 1 hour.
4. Think Big: This is an aspiration building workshop developed to give students all the information they need to know about pathway options for university while also giving them an opportunity to reflect on their own journey thus far. 1 hour.

All workshops are delivered as an incursion and are free of charge.

Contact Sharna on (08) 9360 2128 or email Sharna.Ninyette@murdoch.edu.au to book or for more information.

Community Engagement

Our Engagement and Outreach Team attend various community events throughout the year.

If you would like Kulbardi to be a part of your event, please contact our Engagement and Communications Officer Shae on (08) 9360 2551 or email Shae.Councillor@murdoch.edu.au.