International students


Murdoch University VillageWorking in close partnership with the University, Campus Living Villages own and operate Murdoch University Village.

Murdoch University Village offers you the complete student experience. Live within a vibrant student community of 812 residents located on the University’s main campus. Choose from a wide range of apartment types and enjoy facilities such as an e-library, student lounge, beach volleyball court and brand new swimming pool.

Murdoch University Village also offers residents a unique Live, Learn and Grow residential life program.

Options for living off-campus

Murdoch University Guild of Students provide an off-campus accommodation database of rooms and properties advertised for students. We also provide unofficial advice for living off campus.

Homestay, where you live with another family that will take care of you, is another option available to international students.

There are many benefits while staying with a host family upon arriving in Australia:

  • Regular exposure to the English language
  • Regular exposure to the local community and culture
  • Assistance with social integration
  • The extra support provided by the host family

You can apply for homestay through our preferred provider The Australian Home Stay Network.

Are you under 18 years of age?

If you are an international student under the age of 18, there are specific requirements regarding where and who you can live with whilst studying at Murdoch. Please ensure you have read and understand these requirements before applying for your student visa.