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We have a reputation as an institution that works for our students. Whether its getting adjusted to a first year or creating a degree that is as unique as you are, you'll find Murdoch friendly and flexible.

5 Reasons to choose Murdoch Wide range of courses. We have over 80 undergraduate majors and around 100 postgraduate courses to help you find your dream career. Find the course that’s right for you.
Our leading academics. Our award-winning teaching staff are not only leaders in their fields; they’re also committed to helping you learn. Benefit from their experience, knowledge and industry networks and make yourself career ready. State of the art facilities. Get real world experience in our veterinary clinic, TV and radio studios, practising chiropractic clinic, sports science performance lab or world class law moot court. Want to take a tour?
Wide range of support services. To help you adjust to life at uni we have a dedicated first-year support team, course advisors at The Student Centre and a range of health and other support services. An international perspective. As part of your Murdoch degree you could help international communities, take field trips to different countries, study a language overseas or tour the world. Explore our overseas travel opportunities.