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Information for Teachers and Career Counsellors

Murdoch University’s External Engagement team exists to support teachers, careers advisors and students with university admission advice, course information, curriculum-based hands-on activities, professional development and a wide range of other engagement activities. The team specialises in campus tours, presentations, parent information sessions, university events and programs, individual course counselling appointments and the provision of university resources. The team is made up of two departments being Outreach and Future Students.

The Outreach team typically, but not exclusively, specialises in activity-based engagement at a school curriculum level for the lower years of high school. The Future Student Team specialises in recruitment-based activity for the higher years of high school, but there is overlap and the teams work closely together. For requests and enquiries, please contact the teams as follows:

Future Students

Michael Ingram, Domestic Engagement Coordinator
(08) 9360 6796

Alyssa Rawnsley, Future Student Officer
(08) 9360 6147

May Chong, Future Student Officer
(08) 9360 7585

Sheryl Goh, Future Student Officer
(08) 9360 6254


Michelle Austin, Outreach Coordinator
(08) 9360 7319

Anna Pryor, Outreach Officer
(08) 9360 2524

Jade Castle, Outreach Officer
(08) 9360 6706

Julia Lees, Outreach Officer
(08) 9360 7612

Support services include:

  • School presentations
  • Why choose Murdoch University?
  • Murdoch’s global ranking and research profile
  • Our unique degrees and flexible study options
  • Pathways into Murdoch University
  • Overseas study opportunities and internships
  • Applying to Murdoch University
  • Campus life and making the most of your studies

University tours

The External Engagement team encourage campus visits as a way of experiencing how one of the largest universities in Australia feels. Murdoch graduates value the inclusive and supportive atmosphere of the university, thus ranking it in the top 5% worldwide and 2nd in WA. Visiting the campus allows students to explore their study options and take part in university student specific activities.

Events and programs

The External Engagement team create and host a series of student-focussed events throughout the year with the aim of supporting students, career advisors and parents. Events for 2016 include career-focussed Industry Nights, Parent & Pizza Information Evenings, Career Tasting Workshops, the annual Career Counsellor Professional Development Day and Open Day.


The External Engagement team are available for individual and group counselling sessions, both on campus and in high schools. These sessions are useful in a student’s subject selection process, establishing an appropriate study plan, leading to a seamless transition into tertiary study.


The university produces a range of resources to help students navigate through the university admissions process and selecting the most appropriate university course for them. High schools receive copies of the Murdoch University Prospectus to help guide Year 12 students in selecting their preferences through TISC.

Other essential resources include:

  • Parent Handbook
  • Mini Guide - a quick reference guide listing Murdoch courses, university admission pathways and ATAR information.

If you would like any of these resources sent to your school, please email the External Engagement team: or call a team member.

Admissions and entry pathways Murdoch University has a range of Entry Awards and financial scholarships, as well as an option for portfolio entry to media and creative majors in the Bachelor of Arts. Your students may also be able to use another of our additional pathways for admission to the university, be it VET courses, the or OnTrack.