Domestic students

The cost of postgraduate study

The cost of undertaking postgraduate study varies for domestic or international students. Check out the course fee calculator in the Murdoch Handbook for more specific information.

In addition to course related expenses such as fees, photo copying or travel, you also need to consider living expenses including rent, food, utilities and social activities.

If you're an Australian citizen, you can choose from these payment methods:

  • Pay upfront each semester for the units you’ll do during that time.
  • Defer all of your semester's fees through FEE-HELP, which means you’ll pay slightly more in tax once you earn over the compulsory repayment threshold.
  • Pay a portion of your semester's fees upfront and defer a portion through FEE-HELP.

Scholarships and workplace sponsorships

Scholarships are available for both domestic students and international students. Financial assistance can include tuition fees, living allowances and even international travel awards.

If you’re studying to upgrade your professional skills, speak to your employer to find out whether they have a program in place. Many companies may be prepared to offer financial support, study leave or both!

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