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How to accept your offer

Your Offer Letter for a place at Murdoch University will contain instructions on how to respond, as well as key information that you’ll need as a new Murdoch student.

Follow these four simple steps to secure your place at Murdoch

  1. Locate your Murdoch Student Number in your Offer Letter.
  2. Respond to your offer online. You need to either accept your offer to secure your place, defer if you want to start in another semester, or reject if you have changed your mind.
  3. Activate your student account – you can also set your student password and confirm your email address and mobile number.
  4. Start enrolling – at this stage of the process you'll be set up to start choosing units, signing up for classes and locking in your timetable.

Hot to accept offer

For more detailed information about accepting an offer and starting university as a new student, visit the New Students section.

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