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Alternative entry pathways

At Murdoch, we offer a range of alternative entry pathways to help you qualify and apply for an undergraduate course if you don’t currently meet the standard requirements outlined on the course pages.


OnTrack is a free 14-week university preparation course that provides an alternative entry pathway into Murdoch University.

If you haven't studied or worked in a while, if you didn't qualify for entry through other pathways, or if you are an adult who didn't complete high school, the OnTrack prep course gives you the opportunity to complete a university degree.

Upon successful completion of the OnTrack program you will be eligible for an offer to study at Murdoch the following semester.

The OnTrack preparation course particularly supports people who have experienced:

  • educational disadvantage or disruption
  • financial hardship
  • disability or a chronic medical condition

Alternatively, if you graduated from Year 12 within the last 18 months you may be eligible for the 4-week OnTrack Sprint program.

To find out more visit the OnTrack website – or contact the OnTrack team by calling (08) 9360 2609 or emailing

Prior university study

If you have recently completed or partly completed studies at another university or similarly recognised tertiary institution, such as Open Universities Australia, you are eligible to apply to Murdoch University.

Make sure that you submit documentary evidence of your previous studies with your application, including the end of year results (if you are currently enrolled at the time of your application).

Up to 2 years credit may be given towards your Murdoch degree for these prior studies.

To find out more, click here to contact us.

Prior Non University Study

If you have recently completed studies at a registered training provider in Australia you may be eligible for entry*^ and Advanced Standing (credit, exemptions and/or preclusions) to Murdoch University. Students may be eligible to gain advanced standing if they have completed a Diploma or higher within the last 10 years from a recognised post-secondary institution.

* Excludes direct entry into Law, Psychology Honours or Veterinary Science. Engineering (Hons) courses require a minimum of a completed Diploma or higher to be eligible for entry.

^If you are a non-school leaver applying for entry with a completed Certificate IV you will also need to meet Murdoch University's minimum English requirements by demonstrating competency in the English language.
Murdoch's Minimum English Requirements

In some cases recognition of prior learning, such as relevant work experience, may also make a student eligible for advanced standing.

Current agreements for Advanced Standing (Credit Transfer) in Perth, Western Australia

To find out more contact Advanced Standing.

Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT)

This is a three hour exam you can take to apply for admission to Murdoch. You’ll be tested on a written English component and a multiple choice section with quantitative and humanities based questions.

If you book a place to sit the test, you’ll receive a sample booklet of questions, and you can buy other booklets from TISC to help you prepare. We also run a STAT Preparation course through our Teaching and Learning Centre, which takes place over three nights (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) before the STAT on Saturday. To find out more about the preparation course, please call 08 9360 2142.

For more information about the test, or to book a place, please visit the TISC website, download the brochure or call 08 9318 8000.

Indigenous programs

Murdoch’s Kulbardi Aboriginal Centre provides a number of educational pathways into both pre-tertiary and undergraduate studies.

For more information, visit the Kulbardi Aboriginal Centre website or call 08 9360 2128.

Pre-Law Program

This course offers an alternative entry pathway into our Law program. It is designed to recognise potential students who may not have the necessary high school qualifications but have the experience and knowledge to seek a career in law.

For more information visit the Law School website.

The Murdoch University Preparation Course (MUPC)

This course prepares students for entry into all undergraduate degree courses at Murdoch University by combining learning from Australian Years 11 and 12. Run by the Murdoch Institute of Technology (MIT) at our South Street campus, you’ll be able to make an easy transition to uni life once you’ve successfully completed the course.

MIT also offers diplomas in Science, Commerce, Mass Communication & Media, Information Technology, and an Advanced Diploma in Management. If you successfully complete one of these diplomas, you could be eligible for full credit for some units once you start studying your Murdoch degree.

For more information, visit the MIT website or call 08 9360 1700.

Media & Creative Portfolios

Media and Creative Portfolio entry allows you to submit a portfolio of work instead of using your ATAR score to gain entry to a number of majors in the Bachelor of Arts courses.

Visit the Media portfolio entry pathway for more details and a list of courses.

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