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When you accept your offer you formally reserve your place in your course but you'll still need to start the important next step – enrolment. When you enrol you choose the units that you'll be studying. This means that you also get to sign up for classes, and finally get your semester timetable.

Course structure and units

The course you will study will follow a particular structure. In this section you can get familiar with the structure of your Undergraduate Degree, learn about the different types of units that will make up your degree, and find out exactly which units to choose and enrol in for the degree and course major you will be studying.

Enrolling in your units

After you familiarise yourself with the structure of your degree, and plan which units you want to enrol in, you will be able to enrol in those units online. Learn more about what's involved in the enrolment process.

Signing up for your classes

Once you enrol in your units not only will you know what you'll be studying, and what your book and material lists will look like, you'll be able to sign up for classes. After you sign up for classes you will have your official semester timetable.

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