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Executive Master Students Visit Singapore’s Dynamic Innovation Ecosystem

Students of the Executive Master in Leadership Strategy and Innovation (EMLSI) course recently completed their International Immersion visit to Singapore. The theme of the visit was Innovation, and the goal of the visit was for the students to be immersed at the heart of one of the most dynamic innovation ecosystems in Asia, designed and implemented by the Singapore Government’s ‘Smart Nation’ policy to support its sustainability and growth.

Students worked together as part of a diverse team to meet with 18 key stakeholders, over three days from the public, private and academic sectors, to discuss the initiatives driving the program that is building the first ‘Smart Nation’. The information and precise data point students received from the meetings will go toward enriching their final assessments for the module.

Engaging stakeholders from the public sector included a visit to the Prime Minister’s Office of Singapore, to interview key people driving the departments of Enterprise Singapore, an agency championing enterprise development and Innovation policy in Singapore, and the Principle Design Lead of the Public Service division’s ‘Innovation Lab’. These two departments introduced the cohort to the Smart Nation policy and its framework to support and grow Singapore’s enterprises throughout South East Asia, and highlight some of the projects they are undertaking.

Engaging private sector stakeholders included visits to several incubators of start-ups to discuss their insights on Singapore’s innovation ecosystem and how they are having an impact in the region, and how it is working at the core. Corporates gave a perspective on finance innovation and sustainable finance ecosystems around funding initiatives.

Academics from the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technology University shared their experiences and initiatives in the Innovation space of deep tech and Innovation in biomedical science. They also highlighted the changes in the funding schemes available in Singapore, and the opportunities for entrepreneurship made available in prominent programs from SMU (Singapore Management University).

The students have come away from the visit with new perspectives on Innovation in government initiatives, start-up and entrepreneur ecosystems, venture capital funding and corporate incubators and how they work together in a dynamic ecosystem environment.

Picture 1 - Students along with their Facilitator Bruno Occhipinti discussing Innovation Lab initiatives with Andrew Lau, Principal Design Lead, Public Service Division, PM's Office.

International Immersion Group Photo

Enterprise Singapore.jpg

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