Executive Education

Meet the team

Christopher VasAssociate Professor Christopher Vas

Associate Professor Christopher Vas is Academic Director of Murdoch Universities Executive Education Centre which is a knowledge hub incorporating executive education, research activity and industry engagement. He co-authored ‘ Tackling Challenges of Productive Growth in Resource Dependent Countries: The Experience of Ghana and Indonesia’ and ‘Demystifying Productivity for Better-Informed Policy‘. He has also published in leading journals such as the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research and Practice.

Dr Greg LopezDr Greg Lopez

As a lecturer – professional practice with the Murdoch Executive Education Centre, Dr Greg Lopez is focused on coordinating EEC & SCRIPT’s accredited courses, and designing and delivering EEC & SCRIPT’s training programs. He also lectures and researches in the area of governance and leadership. Prior to joining Murdoch University, Greg worked in various training, research, and advocacy capacities in the private and third sector. He has extensive experience in the ASEAN region having undertaken in-depth research and analysis on a range of public policy issues. His research interests are in understanding the relationships between individuals and state, society and markets. Greg is educated both in Malaysia and Australia and holds a PhD in economics from the Australian National University.

Ms Katherine Ings 

Katherine is the program coordinator of  EEC's and SCRIPT's Executive Leadership & Management Training Programs in Perth and Malaysia. Katherine provides operational, administrative and academic support to the centres accredited and short course programs. Katherine has worked in the public and private sector and her back ground is in business administration and community development. Her interests focus on social learning in an online training and learning environment, industry engagement, people and leadership and innovation.