Executive Education

About us

The Murdoch University Executive Education Centre (EEC) provides industry context specific management and leadership programs to individuals and organisations. Most recently, EEC has delivered such programs to partners in sectors such as Fire & Emergency Services, WA Police, Agriculture and Food, African mining organisations and government agencies, and SMEs and Provincial Government agencies in Malaysia.

EEC brings together a wealth of experience especially in the areas of leadership, strategy and innovation. EEC has substantial collective experience working with small to large range of organisations to develop, manage and deliver professional development programs to mid and senior level managers in Australia and overseas. Since its establishment in March 2010, EEC has served more than 1,500 individuals and 260 domestic and international organisations from the public, private and non-profit sectors. Other than executive education, EEC also delivers the following university accredited award programs:

EEC understands the vital role continuing education plays in advancing leadership and management skills, improving organisational performance. EEC programs are delivered in flipped classroom format using cutting edge technology with either fully online delivery and/or in combination with an intensive face-to-face workshops to suit today’s busy executives who are aiming to achieve a work/life balance and work towards progressing their careers.