Office of Curriculum and Academic Policy

Think Enhancement @ Murdoch - Academic Quality (TE@M-AQ)

Murdoch University’s Strategic Plan and Future Horizon 2017-2027 identifies continuous improvement as a core value in the fulfilment of our aspirations for excellence and future focus. These values are woven throughout our strategic plan: underpinning our goals; finding expression in all four pillars; and given focus through our three strategic lenses. Enacting such values calls for a whole of University response with a shared perspective on our roles, accountabilities and responsibilities for enhancing practice.

The Think Enhancement @ Murdoch (TE@M) Program drives adoption of an enhancement culture through implementation of an educational continuous improvement framework as well as securing provider re-registration for Murdoch University through the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA).

TEQSA is Australia’s national quality assurance and regulatory agency for higher education and is the agency to which providers must demonstrate that they meet, and continue to meet the Higher Education Standards (HES) to maintain their registration.

  • Murdoch University application for Provider Reregistration is due on the 31st March 2020
  • Re-registration by TEQSA is fundamental to the University’s core business as it allows us to continue to self-accredit and issue awards under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF)
  • Re-registration activity affords us an opportunity to benchmark our quality of education experience against a national standard
  • Benchmarking will allow us to plot a journey of enhancement from where we are today to where we want to be

The program name implies a team approach and TE@M’s success depends on the commitment and passion of the Murdoch University community.

The program was initiated in July 2018 and will continue through to October 2020 with a culture of enhancement taking us to 2027 and beyond. To this end the program will

  • put in place a Continuous Improvement Framework that deliberately monitors the University’s HES profile, providing guidance to navigate quality enhancement activities through policy, procedural and systematic change;
  • in so doing build an awareness of responsibility for supporting HES compliance whilst seeking excellence in all that we do;
  • obtain provider re-registration for Murdoch University through TEQSA.

To do this, the TE@M Program implements the following steps:

1. Identify where we are now

How - Perform a series of activities to assess where we are now and benchmark our education performance against Higher Education Standards.
✓ HES Desktop Assessment conducted in Q3 2018
✓ Baseline HES Assessment Profile Q3 2019
✓ Re-baseline HES Assessment Profile as part of regular monitoring within the continuous improvement framework

2. Determine where we want to be

How – Collect evidence for current practice and compare this to quality thresholds and best practice within the sector.
✓ HES Compliance assessment and evidence gathering activity started March 2019 in preparation for re-registration in March 2020
 ✓ Regular monitoring of HES within the continuous improvement framework

3. Making change to enhance practice and capitalise on opportunities for improvement

How - Embrace opportunities for change presented by our goals and plot a journey towards their achievement.

✓ Evaluate scope and execute opportunities for enhancement
✓ Obtain TEQSA Provider re-registration for Murdoch University

4. Create mechanisms to sustain enhancement

How - Promote action that reinforces sustainable improvement and challenges us to reach for excellence.
✓ The Education Continuous Improvement Framework

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