Office of Curriculum and Academic Policy

Student Misconduct

The objects of the University's Student Discipline Regulations are to:

  • discourage behaviours which the University considers to be inappropriate;
  • implement a fair process for responding to alleged instances of misconduct; and
  • provide for the imposition of penalties in instances where misconduct is established.

(Student Discipline Regulations, p.1)

The Regulations cover academic misconduct and general misconduct and include detailed definitions of each. 

Who can help?

Staff of the Office of Academic Quality, Curriculum Management and Policy provide administrative support for academic and general misconduct allegations made against students, which may include preparing necessary documentation, sitting in on interviews with students, and communicating outcomes to students and other stakeholders within the University.  Our Academic Policy Coordinators also coordinate academic misconduct allegations that are referred from Singapore and Dubai for investigation.

Has academic misconduct occurred?

Refer to the Initial Review of Academic Misconduct for advice on whether an alleged case of academic misconduct has merit, and how to proceed.  Your Academic Policy Coordinator is also available to help.

Contact Academic Policy Coordinators
Contact Investigators and Arbiters
(see list in the Attachment to the Student Discipline Procedure)

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Resources for students

Murdoch Academic Passport (MAP)  – introduces students to academic integrity
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