Office of Curriculum and Academic Policy

Curriculum @ Murdoch Program

The development and maintenance of our University curriculum has been seen as a tiresome and sometimes ineffective process. With the ever-changing needs and wants of our students, we have been faced with the challenge of delivering clearer and more dynamic learning pathways for students to obtain the skills and knowledge they desire to support their intended careers.

Curriculum @ Murdoch is a program of work aimed at simplifying the curriculum design process by optimising Governance, Process and Technology to meet the needs of our students. Simplified design means we are able to offer responsive learning pathways based on the trending needs of prospective students.

There are four streams of work in the Curriculum @ Murdoch program:

  1. Policy and Design – Beginning in 2015 with the introduction of a new Curriculum Policy, this stream is focused on reviewing and enhancing our existing policies and procedures with the aim of aligning them and removing inconsistencies. A by-product of this stream is the refresh of the Design process, which will reduce the double handling of information and introduce collaboration opportunities.
  2. Technology, Workflow and Integration – This stream will introduce a new Curriculum Management System. This system will simplify the curriculum design and publication process and provide real time access to curriculum information for both Schools and downstream business processes such as timetabling and student enrolment.
  3. Data Analysis and Conversion – This stream will ensure that all existing and new curriculum data is consistently captured, complete and complies with all relevant business rules.
  4. People and Change – Having the best systems, processes and policies is nothing if the people using them do not understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ to use them. This stream is focused on the engagement, education and ‘business as usual’ requirements of each of these streams.

For more information, see the Curriculum @ Murdoch Moodle site.

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