Office of Curriculum and Academic Policy


Name Position Phone Location
Paul Comiskey
Associate Director, Curriculum and Academic Policy 7812 460.3.049
Kellie Orr
Senior Policy Developer 2601 460.3.055
Erin Buckley
Policy Developer 460.3.055
Stephanie Ivers
Curriculum Portfolio Officer 2195 460.3.050
Alison Cameron
Project Portfolio and Information Coordinator 6851 460.3.044

Quality Assurance

Name Position Phone Location
Alison Black
Quality Assurance Coordinator 2088 460.3.048
Quality Assurance Officer

Think Enhancement @ Murdoch - Academic Quality (TE@M-AQ)

Name Position Phone Location
Amanda Dunlop
Program Manager (Quality and Enhancement) 6836 460.3.039
Sarah Ogilby
Business Analyst (Policy and Process) 2135 460.3.039

Ruchi Pagare

Business Analyst (Policy and Process) 6142 460.3.039

Dragana Weistra

Quality Enhancement Coordinator 6872 460.3.039

Curriculum Information and Systems

Name Position Phone Location
James Taylor
Senior Coordinator, Curriculum Information and Systems 6748 460.3.053
Michelle Clark
Coordinator, Curriculum Information and Systems 6726 460.3.054

Adriana Guo

Officer, Curriculum Information and Systems 6407 460.3.054

Liz Crook

Administrative Officer, Curriculum Information and Systems 460.3.050

Student Integrity Services

Name Position Phone Location
Susan Edgar
Senior Coordinator, Student Integrity Services 2021 460.3.052
Kat Jellema
Coordinator, Student Integrity Services 1743 460.3.046

Gemma Phanupen

Coordinator, Student Integrity Services 1740 460.3.046

International Compliance

Name Position Phone Location
Fleur van den Heuvel
Manager, International Compliance 7473 460.3.045

Adam Hockley

International Compliance Coordinator 6433 460.3.045
Kelsey Yan
International Compliance Officer 7664 460.3.045