Asian Studies student work at Murdoch University

Student experiences abroad

Did you know that if you choose to do Asian Studies now, you can switch to the Asian Studies Specialist course at any time (assuming you have all the right pre-requisites)?

The Asian Studies Specialist course involves an extra year of living and studying in either Japan or Indonesia.  This year long placement means that you can develop language proficiency skills to an advanced level, and also enjoy a life experience you will never forget while finishing your studies.

So if you're not ready to make the commitment to an extra year of studying abroad now, you can enrol in the Asian Studies course and then switch to the Asian Studies Specialist course later on (if you think that's right for you).

We asked a couple of our students to share their experiences in Asia as part of their studies. Below are some of the stories and images taken by students in Japan. Students studying in Indonesia have recorded their stories and images on the ACICIS website.

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Kylie Mead


‘Learning about another culture and living away from home opened my eyes to how different the world is and I believe I returned to Australia with a much more open mind.

I will never forget the amazing experience that I was so lucky to get, without hesitation I would recommend this program to anyone who is willing to open their eyes to a different but unforgettable experience.’

Lesleigh Bower


'...from an academic perspective, I was so excited to reach a level of language proficiency which allowed me to understand almost everything that was being said around me.

I also became comfortable and confident enough in my language abilities to be able to make friends without feeling awkward or embarrassed by an inability to say what I really wanted to say.’

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Jeffrey Ting


‘Living in a different culture to that of a westerner has really been a valuable experience for me.

Just remember that everything isn’t pretty and have a broad and open mind when coming to Japan, because this world is different just like everyone says.

Don’t waste your chance if you ever come to Japan! Have as much fun as you can while you are here and enjoy your time.’

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David Wyatt

'I have travelled quite a bit before but never had the chance to really ‘live’ in another country. By staying there for 12 months as a student and learning the language, you feel rather more of an active participant within the community, rather than a tourist. The understanding gained is far deeper this way.'

'I hope to continue this research throughout my life.... This project was without a doubt the most fulfilling thing I have done in my life.'

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