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University studies are designed to challenge students to develop new skills and ways of thinking. It can be hard work, and it’s not unusual for students to have times when they struggle to manage so many demands.

The information below will help you to stay focused, keep motivated, and maintain balance in life as you work towards completing your degree.

Smart study skills

There is lots of great information on how to boost your study capabilities. Start with this short Video Clip:

13 Study Tips


Our Information Sheet: Use your time more efficiently and make real progress with your assignments by preventing procrastination.

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A very clever demonstration of the link between procrastination and perfectionism

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Finish: The to-do list for procrastinators

Getting through exams

Our Information Sheet: Use your nervous energy to your advantage by managing exam stress.

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Secrets of top students. Find out what can set you apart from others and lead to academic success.


Our Information Sheet: Check out the information on sleep to ensure you’re doing all you can to rest and recharge.

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Recharge- Move Well, Be Well, Sleep Well. A free app that targets mood, energy and well-being over 6 weeks.


Our Information Sheet: Find out what level your drinking is at, or learn ways of reducing alcohol use.

Stress management

Develop strategies to help you manage the competing demands in your life.

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Australian Psychological Society stress management tips


Our Information Sheet: Do you worry about how much you worry? Equip yourself with information on how to deal with worry and anxiety.

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E-couch. Developed by researchers, these self-help modules provide evidence-based techniques to manage anxiety:

Sadness and Depression

Our Information Sheet: Feeling down and depressed can have a real impact on your study. Information and support is available.

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E-couch. Developed by researchers, these self-help modules provide evidence-based techniques to manage depression:


If you’re unsure about the relationships in your life, here is some information on healthy relationships and how to be assertive.

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Ask for what you want and tell others how you feel with this online guide to assertiveness from the Centre for Clinical Interventions.

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Work out if your relationship is unhealthy and what to do if you’re in an toxic relationship.

Would you like a cup of tea? Exploring what consent means in relationships.


Learn the latest mindfulness techniques to improve focus, reduce stress and expand awareness.

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Smiling Mind. A free app that teaches modern meditation.

Headspace. A meditation app that includes a free Take10 program and animations.