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Alumni / Graduates

Murdoch University students automatically become part of the Murdoch alumni family upon graduation.  Many careers services can continue to be used following graduation including CareerConnect. CareerConnect is an online Careers portal equipped to assist both students and graduates with job opportunities, career/job search resources and  career event information.  Students who have previously utilised CareerConnect as a current student will need to register as a Graduate to continue enjoying the benefits of staying connected with CareerConnect.

Murdoch alumni (graduates) can also continue to be connected to the university in the following ways:

  • Connect with the Murdoch University Careers Centre on LinkedIn
    The Careers Centre profile on LinkedIn provides a network of Murdoch students and graduates (some of whom are well established in industry) and acts as a forum for the sharing of information and experiences relevant to career development. We will also post any mentoring oppoortunities for our graduates via our LinkedIn profile. Connect with us here: Murdoch University Careers Centre profile.
  • Volunteering as a Mentor (multi-discipline): MSEL Murdoch Student Emerging Leaders Program
    MSEL is a project-based leadership program for Murdoch University students. The program helps to prepare the future leaders of our community and our workplaces. As an industry mentor, you will have the opportunity to help MSEL students - who are among Murdoch University's most motivated and innovative - to make a real first step in their chosen path. For further information on this program and how you can get involved as a mentor, please go straight to the MSEL website.

For a full list of Alumni services visit Murdoch Alumni.