Murdoch Online Veterinary Education (MOVE) Webinar Series 2020

MOVE provides an opportunity for veterinarians and veterinary nurses to participate in live, interactive online small animal sessions that are presented by veterinary specialists.  From home or work, veterinarians and veterinary nurses are able to attend one hour interactive lectures on topics applicable to everyday practice. All sessions are archived so if you are unable to attend or get called away during the presentation, you will be able to review later.

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MOVE for Veterinarians 2020

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MOVE 1: Thriving, not just the surviving, in the veterinary industry

In this presentation, Dr Moore-Jones provides practical, realistic tips not just to maintain your mental resilience through difficult days, but to envision a future that makes you excited about your profession, again.

Dr Jess Moore-Jones

MOVE 2: Beware! Potential drug interactions between sedative and anaesthetic agents, and behaviour management drugs

Nowadays a lot of our small animal patients receive drugs for behaviour modification: sometimes as one drug administration to deal with stressful situations or on a daily basis to deal with chronic behavioural issues.

As all these drugs influence the central nervous system many of them have interactions with drugs used during sedation and anaesthesia. Not a lot is known about the clinical interaction of these drugs, but more and more anecdotal reports can be found in the veterinary community.

This lecture reviews drug interactions between molecules used to treat behavioural issues and routinely used sedatives/anaesthetics and analgesics.
Dr Martina Mosing

MOVE 3: Beyond faecal floatation - the diagnostic approach to canine chronic gastroenteropathies

Chronic canine gastroenteropathies are exceedingly common and often extremely frustrating to treat. This talk will bring together all aspects of chronic gastroenteropathies including aetiology, pathogenesis, diagnostics, treatment and prognosis. With a proper up to date synopsis of this disease complex you will get better outcomes for these patients.
Dr Kathrin Langner and Dr Jevan Christie

MOVE 4: Osteoarthritis – Update on Management and Treatment Options

Osteoarthritis can be a debilitating degenerative process that can start to impact pets with developmental conditions or articular injuries from an early age. These animals require life-long management, which can be challenging to maintain as their disease advances. The purpose of this webinar is to discuss the current evidence in the literature for some of the newer therapies coming into the market and to outline our current recommendations.
Dr Isobel Monotti

MOVE 5: What do we do with all these bloody patients? – A case-based approach to diagnosing and treating coagulation problems

This presentation will use a case-based approach to discuss the clinical picture of patients with potential bleeding disturbances, and the relevant diagnostic tests and treatments to consider. During this talk, we will briefly review the physiology of normal clot formation and problems that arise to cause coagulation disorders. I will focus on the use and interpretation of diagnostic tests that are available to primary practitioners, and also on how to weigh the benefits and risks of using different coagulation-related treatments in patients where the underlying coagulation problem may not be clear.
Dr Melissa Claus

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