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The African Technology Policy Studies Network (ATPS)

ATPS is a multi-disciplinary network of researchers, practitioners and policy makers that promotes science, technology and innovation (STI) policy research, dialogue and practice, for African Development. With a regional secretariat in Nairobi, it operates through national chapters in 30 countries with an expansion plan in place to cover the entire Africa.

Visit the African Technology Policy Studies Network (ATPS) website.

The Australia-Africa Universities Network (AAUN)

The AAUN is a group of leading universities in Australia and Africa, connecting researchers and academics through institutional partnerships in order to address challenges facing both continents.

Visit the The Australia-Africa Universities Network (AAUN) website.

The African Studies Association of Australasia and the Pacific (AFSAAP)

AFSAAP is a national network of academics, students, consultants, activists, diplomats, artists, community leaders, and others who share a mutual interest in the promotion of African Studies in Australasia and the Pacific region.

AFSAAP was founded in 1978 with the following specific goals that continue to the present:

  1. to promote research and teaching of African Studies in Australia and the Pacific.
  2. to facilitate contact among scholars and students in the field of African Studies through conferences, regional meetings, and publications.
  3. to coordinate African Studies programs and the acquisition of African materials by Australian and Pacific libraries.
  4. to serve as the professional body representing Africanists’ interests to governments and the community.
  5. to contribute towards an understanding of Africa in the community at large.
  6. and to establish contact with African universities and scholars, other overseas scholars and African Studies associations, and to promote interchanges with them.

Visit the The African Studies Association of Australasia and the Pacific (AFSAAP) website.