Senior Executive Group

The Senior Executives of the University are responsible for the strategic management and development of all aspects of University business.

Professor Eeva Leinonen, Vice ChancellorProfessor Eeva Leinonen, Vice Chancellor

The Vice Chancellor is the most senior executive position at Murdoch University – serving as both the principal academic officer and chief executive officer for the university. The Vice Chancellor embodies the values of Murdoch and promotes the university's external goals, including stakeholder relations and community engagement. The Vice Chancellor encourages, promotes and facilitates the very best academic and organisational performance across the whole University.

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Professor Andrew Taggart, ProvostProfessor Andrew Taggart, Provost

The Provost is the deputy to the Vice Chancellor. The Provost’s role is to support and build the capacity of our eight schools, providing a key linkage between academic and professional staff. The Provost also provides senior level support for domestic student recruitment and leads our local, regional and national engagement.

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Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research, Professor David Morrison - ImageProfessor David Morrison, Deputy Vice Chancellor - Research & Innovation

The Deputy Vice Chancellor - Research & Innovation has overall responsibility for the strategic direction and focus of research undertaken within the University. This position is active in developing closer research links and a funding base with both private and public sector users and providers. In addition the DVC-R&I is responsible for ensuring the promotion of research for the public good and educating the public about the benefits of research and its contribution to society.

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Professor Romy Lawson, Deputy Vice Chancellor – EducationProfessor Romy Lawson, Deputy Vice Chancellor – Education

The Deputy Vice Chancellor – Education will lead the University’s academic mission with respect to learning and teaching, curriculum development and student experience. This position is engaging with students to excel in academic support, flexible learning options and better employment outcomes through real world learning. In addition the DVC-education role was created to support the University’s ambitious plans for students, education and international development.

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Professor Lyn Karstadt – Deputy Vice Chancellor – InternationalProfessor Lyn Karstadt – Deputy Vice Chancellor – International

The Deputy Vice Chancellor- International position at Murdoch University is driven on leading the University’s internationalisation focus, including transnational education programs in Singapore and Dubai, and the development of strategic global partners to expand the international reach of the University. With Murdoch University’s successful transitional education enterprises in the Middle East and Southeast Asia the DVC-International will lead on our bold international development plans.

Mr Darren McKee, Chief Operating OfficerMr Darren McKee, Chief Operating Officer

The Chief Operating Officer is responsible for supporting the Vice-Chancellor on all matters of administration, management and people development. The COO’s responsibilities include infrastructure, finances, marketing, technology and people and culture.

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